Pinning for Profit: 21 Time-Saving Pinterest Tools for Business and Marketers.

pinning for profit

In today’s digital landscape, leveraging social media platforms for business growth and marketing endeavors has become indispensable. Among these platforms, Pinterest stands out as a visual discovery engine offering unparalleled opportunities for businesses and marketers to expand their reach, drive traffic, and enhance brand visibility.

Pinterest isn’t merely a platform for sharing captivating visuals; it’s a dynamic toolset waiting to be harnessed. With an array of tools tailored specifically for businesses and marketers, optimizing Pinterest becomes a strategic asset in your marketing arsenal. Let’s delve into the realm of time-saving Pinterest tools crafted to elevate your business’s online presence.

Harnessing Pinterest’s Potential for Marketing Strategies

Businesses seeking to augment their online presence and connect with a broader audience can capitalize on Pinterest’s unique functionalities. By curating visually compelling content, strategically utilizing keywords, and engaging with the Pinterest community, brands can transform their Pinterest profiles into thriving marketing hubs.

The synergy between businesses and Pinterest tools fosters efficiency, streamlining marketing efforts, and maximizing outcomes. Whether it’s scheduling pins, designing captivating visuals, conducting keyword research, or analyzing performance metrics, these tools act as catalysts, simplifying tasks and magnifying marketing impact.

Unveiling the 21 Time-Saving Pinterest Tools

Within the realm of Pinterest tools lie a treasure trove of solutions specifically designed to amplify business potential. From pin schedulers ensuring consistent engagement to analytics tools unraveling audience behavior, each tool plays a pivotal role in optimizing marketing strategies on this platform.

In the subsequent sections, we’ll explore 21 handpicked time-saving Pinterest tools meticulously curated to empower businesses and marketers. Discover how these tools streamline workflows, facilitate audience engagement, and bolster brand recognition, paving the way for enhanced marketing success.

Pin Schedulers and Organizers

Pin schedulers and organizers play a pivotal role in streamlining Pinterest marketing efforts, enabling businesses to maintain a consistent presence, optimize engagement, and effectively manage their content strategy. Tools like Tailwind, Buffer, and Hootsuite have emerged as indispensable allies, offering a spectrum of features tailored for efficient content management on Pinterest.

Role of Pin Schedulers

Pin schedulers act as the backbone of a structured Pinterest marketing strategy, providing businesses with the ability to plan and automate their pinning schedule. These platforms facilitate the scheduling of pins across specific times and days, ensuring a consistent flow of engaging content without manual intervention.

Benefits of Tailwind, Buffer, and Hootsuite

Tailwind: Renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust features, Tailwind empowers businesses to optimize their Pinterest presence comprehensively. From scheduling pins in advance to analyzing performance metrics, Tailwind streamlines the content-sharing process. Its SmartSchedule feature recommends the best times to post based on audience engagement patterns, enhancing content visibility.

Buffer: While widely recognized for managing multiple social media platforms, Buffer seamlessly integrates with Pinterest, offering a centralized hub for content scheduling. With its intuitive dashboard, Buffer simplifies the scheduling process, allowing businesses to plan and publish pins efficiently. Additionally, its analytics feature provides insights into pin performance, aiding in strategy refinement.

Hootsuite: Acknowledged for its versatility across social media platforms, Hootsuite extends its functionality to Pinterest management. Through its scheduling capabilities, Hootsuite enables businesses to curate, schedule, and publish pins effortlessly. Its collaborative functionalities facilitate team coordination and content curation, enhancing productivity.

Efficient Content Management

These tools alleviate the time-consuming aspect of manual pinning, enabling businesses to focus on crafting compelling content. By strategically scheduling pins at optimal times, businesses can engage their audience effectively, even during non-business hours, maximizing visibility and interaction.

The ability to plan, schedule, and manage Pinterest content efficiently through these pin schedulers and organizers amplifies marketing strategies, fosters audience engagement, and contributes significantly to the success of businesses on this dynamic visual platform.

Graphics and Design Tools

In the realm of Pinterest marketing, the visual appeal of pins holds unparalleled significance. Graphics and design tools, particularly platforms like Canva and Adobe Spark, have revolutionized the creation of captivating, visually striking pins, allowing businesses to stand out amidst the visual abundance on Pinterest.

Role of Graphics and Design Tools

These tools serve as creative sanctuaries, offering an array of functionalities to craft aesthetically pleasing pins. With user-friendly interfaces and an extensive library of templates, fonts, images, and design elements, they empower businesses to create professional-looking visuals without the need for graphic design expertise.


Canva emerges as a user-friendly design platform, catering to the diverse needs of businesses for Pinterest visuals. Its drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the design process, allowing customization of templates, incorporation of brand elements, and effortless creation of pins optimized for Pinterest’s dimensions. With a rich library of stock photos, icons, and fonts, Canva facilitates the creation of engaging visuals.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another formidable tool that resonates with businesses aiming for visually captivating pins. Offering an intuitive interface, Adobe Spark integrates seamlessly with Pinterest’s requirements. Its features enable users to design graphics, add animations, and implement customizations, ensuring that pins captivate and resonate with the target audience.

Creating Visually Appealing Pins

These graphics and design tools empower businesses to transcend limitations, transforming ideas into stunning visual content. From attention-grabbing graphics to compelling imagery, the versatility of Canva and Adobe Spark enables the creation of pins that align with brand aesthetics, effectively communicate messages, and entice audience engagement.

By harnessing the capabilities of these tools, businesses gain a competitive edge, crafting visually appealing pins that cut through the Pinterest clutter. The seamless interface, abundant design elements, and customization options make Canva and Adobe Spark indispensable assets for businesses seeking to elevate their Pinterest presence.

Analytics and Insights

Understanding the impact of Pinterest marketing efforts is pivotal for optimizing strategies and achieving business goals. Utilizing robust analytics tools such as Pinterest Analytics and Tailwind Analytics is indispensable for businesses seeking to glean valuable insights into pin performance and audience behavior.

Role of Analytics Tools

These analytics platforms serve as the compass for deciphering the effectiveness of Pinterest strategies. They offer a treasure trove of data, providing actionable insights into pin performance, audience engagement, and the overall effectiveness of a brand’s presence on Pinterest.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is the native tool provided by Pinterest, delivering comprehensive data on pin performance, audience demographics, and top-performing pins. It furnishes insights into metrics like impressions, clicks, saves, and engagement rates. By leveraging this tool, businesses gain a deeper understanding of what resonates with their audience and can tailor strategies accordingly.

Learn more about Pinterest Analytics

Tailwind Analytics

Tailwind Analytics, an external platform integrated with Pinterest, offers a specialized suite of analytical tools. It delves into detailed performance metrics, including pin virality, trends, and audience engagement. Its advanced features enable businesses to schedule pins, analyze board performance, and gain actionable insights to refine their Pinterest strategy.

Discover Tailwind Analytics

Leveraging Insights for Growth

These analytics tools empower businesses to decode the Pinterest landscape, enabling data-driven decisions. Insights garnered from Pinterest Analytics and Tailwind Analytics help in identifying high-performing pins, understanding audience preferences, and refining content strategies to drive engagement and conversions.

By harnessing the power of these analytics platforms, businesses gain a competitive advantage, optimizing their Pinterest presence based on empirical data. The ability to track metrics, identify trends, and comprehend audience behavior equips brands with the knowledge to continuously refine their Pinterest marketing strategy and achieve meaningful results.

Keyword Research Tools

Crafting content optimized with the right keywords is fundamental for Pinterest success. Leveraging robust Keyword Research Tools such as Keywords Everywhere and SEMrush is pivotal for businesses aiming to infuse their Pinterest content with strategic keywords that resonate with their audience.

Importance of Keyword Research

Effective keyword research lays the foundation for Pinterest content that resonates with the intended audience. These tools enable businesses to identify and incorporate high-performing keywords, enhancing the discoverability and relevance of their pins.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a versatile browser extension that offers valuable insights into keyword search volume, competition, and related keyword suggestions directly within search engine results. Integrating seamlessly with Pinterest, it empowers businesses to explore trending keywords, comprehend user search behavior, and tailor their content strategy accordingly.

Explore Keywords Everywhere


SEMrush, an industry-leading SEO tool, extends its prowess to Pinterest by aiding in comprehensive keyword research. It provides in-depth analytics, competitive analysis, and keyword suggestions tailored for Pinterest. By leveraging SEMrush, businesses can uncover high-performing keywords, assess their competitiveness, and refine their Pinterest content strategy to increase visibility and engagement.

Discover SEMrush

Optimizing Pinterest Content

Utilizing these keyword research tools allows businesses to unravel the language of their audience, identifying terms and phrases that resonate. By integrating high-performing keywords into pin descriptions, titles, and boards, businesses optimize their Pinterest content for improved visibility and engagement.

The insights gleaned from Keywords Everywhere and SEMrush guide businesses in deciphering trending topics, understanding audience search behavior, and strategically embedding keywords into their Pinterest content. This optimization enhances the discoverability of pins, facilitating higher engagement and conversion rates.

Collaboration and Group Boards

Facilitating Pinterest Collaboration

Pinterest thrives on collaborative environments, offering immense potential for businesses to engage and interact through shared boards. Tools like PinGroupie and BoardBooster play pivotal roles in enabling collaboration, fostering community engagement, and expanding reach through group boards.


PinGroupie acts as a directory, facilitating the discovery of group boards on Pinterest. It empowers businesses to explore and join boards aligned with their niche or industry. By providing insights into board descriptions, follower counts, and active collaborators, PinGroupie helps businesses identify suitable group boards to participate in or collaborate with peers.

Explore PinGroupie


BoardBooster functions as a management tool, offering functionalities that aid in board curation and collaboration. Through features like looping and scheduling pins, it streamlines the pinning process, ensuring consistent and engaging content for group boards. Moreover, BoardBooster facilitates collaboration by allowing multiple contributors to participate in and contribute to shared boards effortlessly.

Discover BoardBooster

Advancing Collaboration Efforts

Utilizing tools like PinGroupie and BoardBooster, businesses can tap into the collaborative potential of Pinterest. By joining relevant group boards, fostering partnerships, and actively engaging with peers, businesses amplify their visibility and reach across the platform.

The functionalities offered by PinGroupie and BoardBooster enable businesses to locate and participate in group boards aligned with their interests, industries, or target audiences. Collaborating within these boards not only expands reach but also fosters community engagement and interaction, fostering a vibrant and interactive presence on Pinterest.

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